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The fast growing BOOSTHEAT team (Lyon, Toulouse, Nuremberg) is pioneer of the energy transition. The engineers invented, developed and patented a brand-new technology. This unique heat technology targets the owners of single and two-family houses. By changing their current boiler to a BOOSTHEAT one, they dramatically reduce the energy consumption of their house. The heart of the innovation consists in the rule-breaker BOOSTHEAT thermal compressor. It promises a reduction by half of the combustible need. This is the begin of a new era. That is why BOOSTHEAT is rewarded in Berlin and inaugurates its assembly line according to 4.0 industry standards the 27th of November in Lyon.

Traditional modern boilers promise in best case the same energy output for heating as the energy content it burns (output=input). It means that one unit of combustible produces the same amount of heat. The highly efficient BOOSTHEAT boiler works also as a gas heat pump. It uses the high temperature combustion energy to drive the heat pump. The heat pump harvest additionally the same amount of renewable energy from outside the building. Therefore, only half of the combustible is needed for the same heat output: one kilowatt-hour gas brings it to almost two kilowatt-hours of heat.

How is such an efficiency improvement possible?

The best of two well-known technologies – the gas heat pump and the condensing boiler – in association with the BOOSTHEAT thermal compressor ensure this technical achievement. The thermal compressor works noiseless, low-friction and is consequently long-living. The environment friendly R744 (CO2) is used as refrigerant and a low emitting gas burner activates the thermal compressor. The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor one just with water. The outdoor unit is the quietest among its product class. Finally, the combi boiler offers a maximal heating power of 20kW with a 1:5 continuous modulation and a domestic hot water tank.

BOOSTHEAT brings an immediately usable solution in the market. Every house owner can now become an actor of the energy transition. For more comfort BOOSTHEAT provides further services (conception, fabrication, sales, installation and maintenance) and assures on demand a 10-year-parts-and-labour warranty.

  • Innovation – BOOSTHEAT has been developing for 7 years a major and unique disruptive technology;
  • Ecology – the BOOSTHEAT boiler works with gas, which supports the energy transition;
  • Ambition – BOOSTHEAT still deploys efforts in order to offer an always greener and always more efficient boiler.

BOOSTHEAT wins the German Gas Innovation Prize 2018

On the German Gas Innovation Prize event in Berlin, the BOOSTHEAT boiler was elected “Innovative Product” 2018. A jury of scientists and gas industrialists reckon the active participation of BOOSTHEAT to the energy transition. The BOOSTHEAT.20 boiler allows an unequalled performance of natural gas and emits drastic less greenhouse gases, two very decisive requirements to win the prize. Luc Jacquet and Jean-Marc Joffroy, co-founders and executive directors of BOOSTHEAT, are happy with the award, “but we still have a lot on our plate. We want to take to the market a 50kW boiler for bigger buildings and an air conditioning solution as well.” “It is once again a goal for France” resumes Pascaline Boittiaux, communication manager for BOOSTHEAT in Nuremberg.

Under the auspices of Anja Karliczek, German Federal Minister of Education and Research, this 20th edition of the Gas Innovation Prize is supported by the organisations ASUE, BDEW, DVGW and Zukunft Erdgas, who promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emission and energy efficiency. The international player Wintershall sponsors the initiative as well.

This first German award also reminds the necessity of a cross-border answer to the climate issue. As of today, the BOOSTHEAT heater allows to reach the goals set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the 2050 Climate Package.

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BOOSTHEAT was founded in 2011. The headquarters are based at the heart of an industrial campus of 11ha in the surroundings of Lyon, where 35% of the French HVAC industry is located. The R&D centre is in Toulouse and the German filial has its office in Nuremberg.

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